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Best Cake EVER!!! :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 4 32 Illusion :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 5 114
Mature content
Octavia's Heart's Warming Night :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 5 193
The Citadel of Change
The Citadel of Change!
Main Character: Wing Crest
Race: Unicorn
Expertise: Barrier Magic (Extreme Prodigy)
Cutie Mark: Shield with Folded Wings on each side(Will eventually be posted)
Father - Fix Wing (Pegasus), Occupation -  Universal Repair Stallion
Mother-  Cake Heart (Unicorn), Occupation - Master Baker(Royal Baker on occasion)
Elder Brother-  Lead Wing, Lead for short (Pegasus),  Occupation - Studying to become a member of the Royal Guard.
Younger Brother- Guid Wing, Guid for short (Unicorn), Occupation - Studying to become a Royal Advisor.
Lives: In Canterlot
Summary: Still thinking about it.
Wing Crest Bio: Wing Crest, or Crest for short, is a young trouble maker, who does what he feels is right and rarely cares about the trouble that follows, mainly living for the moment. Crest is mostly a loner in school, while both his brothers are popular, not to mention far more gifted and intelligent than him, he always had one gift they could never come close
:iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 0 26
Wisp, A Light Against the Darkness :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 1 10
Brightest Shining Spark
“Brightest Shining Spark”
(O 0) (O0) (O-0) (Oo0) (O-o-0) (O-o 0) (O/o 0)
Summary: Arcee saves Jack during a tragic mishap on one of their missions, but it turns out that her actions may have ‘sparked’ a few unforeseen problems and discoveries that the Autobots are not prepared for. Are Jack and Arcee really ready to become parents?
Jack and Arcee stood before Optimus Prime who was explaining their mission to them. Times had been tough for the Autobots with the loss of their first base and stockpile of energon.
“Your mission is to scout a possible energon source that could be vital to our survival.” The Autobot leader explained to the two.
“But Optimus, don’t you think you should be sending more than two of us?” Arcee asked as she folded her arms. “If there is an energon source, then there could be a possibility of Decepticons as well.”
“I understand your concerns, Arcee, but we haven’t the manpower to spare a
:iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 27 123
Mature content
A Day at the Beach! One Shot :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 5 22
Will You Be My Other Half? Chapter 7
{Chapter 7}
Naruto woke up early the next morning; he looked around and rubbed his eyes. It looked like he was in ‘his’ own room, but as his drowsiness cleared, he could tell he was in Laruto’s room. “Time to get read-Ah,” He said as he tried to push himself up with his right arm, but a very sharp sting rushed through it and caused him to recoil in pain. “It still hurts. I wonder how long it will take to heal.” He said to himself as he rubbed his sore shoulder.
He got up and went to the bathroom to get ready, not wanting to be late for his appointment. He dropped his clothes and started up the water, and while he waited for the water to reach the right temperature, he noticed Laruto’s towels hanging up on the towel rack. He picked one up and smelled it. ‘Smells like Laruto.’ He said with a delightful sigh.
‘Sounds like someone is enjoying the scent of a potential mate,’ Kia said in an almost mocking tone. ‘Wh
:iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 9 21
Will You Be My Other Half? Chapter 6
{Chapter 6}
Naruto and Ino were enjoying they're meals, but Naruto was finding it weird that he had to use a utensil called a, "fork", as Ino referred to it, but it wasn't hard to figure out. Although he did look somewhat pathetic trying to figure it out at first, which was amusing to Ino.
Once they were done, they payed the bill and left. "Where to next?" Naruto asked with as smile.
Ino looked to the sky and noticed that the sun had set. "Let's go to the park!" She said as she dragged Naruto to said location.
"Why the park?" Naruto asked as he try to follow Ino without falling.
"Because, that's the where every great date comes to it's climax!" She replied with a smile.
"Okay?" Naruto replied confused. 'What does she mean by, "climax"?'
The two came to a park that circled a lake. There wasn't a lot of lights around, but the light of the full moon was enough for them to see, and with it shinning off the surface of the lake, it was actually a really peaceful area. "This is romantic, isn'
:iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 7 46
Mature content
Naruto Tayuya chapter 18 :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 12 76
Mature content
Will You Be My Other Half? Chapter 5 :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 7 50
Mature content
Will You Be My Other Half? Chapter 4 :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 7 54
Will You Be My Other Half? Chapter 3
{Chapter 3}
The next day, Laruto was up bright and early, and was making her way over to the hospital, brushing her hair along the way. "I wonder if he'll wake up today." She said to herself as she made it to the building.
"Well where is he?" A doctor shouted to a scared nurse. "He couldn't have just gotten up and walked off in his condition!" He said as he snatched the charts from the nurse. The two then left down the hall.
"Oh boy, that doesn't sound too promising." Laruto said as she made her way up to the boy's room. "Yep, I knew it." She said with a sigh as she opened the door to Naruto's room, only to find an empty bed. She started thinking to herself as she was walking down the halls. "Let's see, if I were missing, where would I be?" She asked herself out loud.
She then looked up at the ceiling tiles and started to count them as she walked down the hall. "One, two, three, four, four and a half," She counted as she turned a corner. "Five, six, seven, and…. Go!" She said as s
:iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 7 33
Will You Be My Other Half? Chapter 2
{Chapter 2}
Naruto started to come around sometime later; he heard the steady beeping from the heart monitor and the sound of the oxygen tank pumping air into the mask that covered his mouth. Naruto sighed as he started coming around. 'Why is it that I always seem to end up here, no matter what?' He asked himself as his eyes slowly started to open.
He started to take in the surroundings of his room, while he built up the strength to move. He noticed that his body was wrapped in bandages, he had an IV hooked up to his arm, and he was wearing a pair of hospital scrubs, you know same old, same old.
Naruto let out another depressed sigh as he pushed himself up. "I must have been hallucinating after my fight with Sasuke." He said to himself as he remembered everything that happened to him. His mood suddenly took a nosedive as he remembered what happened with Sasuke. "Sakura isn't going to be happy about that." He said with a depressed sigh.
Just then, said pink haired girl entered the room.
:iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 7 9
Mature content
Will You Be My Other Half? :iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 17 38
NarutoxTayuya 17
                              NarutoxTayuya (NarutoxHinata)
       Naruto and Hiashi were sitting in the secrate shrine, where Hiashi shared his most hidden secrets. "It all started with the, 'Tree of Mana'." He said as he pointed to a picture of a gient tree on the wall. "As everyone knows, the, 'Mana Tree', or the, 'Mother Tree' was the beginning of all life, it is the reason we are here today." He said as he began his story. "Yeah, but because of the wars and ancient technologie, the tree witherd and died." Naruto jumped in. "Please do not interupt." Hiashi said sturnly. "Sorry." Naruto said as he looked down. "It's okay, although you are correct, you are skipping a great deal of the story." Hiashi explained. Naruto was confused by this, he didn't know about anything other then what they taught them i
:iconfierce-dities-link:Fierce-Dities-Link 11 12

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Best Cake EVER!!!
This is hands down the best cake anyone has ever made me! Granted it did start falling apart on itself, my cousin Shelly was working with a new method of baking and decorating, but none-the-less, I was blown away by the surprise!

This, along with my other friends birthday surprises made this a really great and memorable birthday! Thank you All! XD


United States
Current Residence: My house.
Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite style of art: Manga, and Anime
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
I'm not sure how many of my fans have been going to my scrap book to read the other stories that I've been writing, but there are some there that are pretty good, if your interested.

"A Knightmare's Heir"

"Naruto meets Midna"

"Naruto's a Vampire"

There are other random things in there, but don't expect anything to come of them. I'm currently working on the 'Naruto's a Vampire' one right now, but I will be working on the other ones too, when I get more free time, but until then enjoy the next chapter of Naruto's a Vampire.
  • Listening to: Citizen Soldiers
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: Any Anime I can find. Devil May Cry
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda!
  • Eating: food.
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper


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